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Summer Dance Classes

5 weeks of Classes for $60
2 techniques Per class

                                            Monday                  Tuesday                    Wednesday       

4:30-5:10                          Ballet/Jazz 1              Hip Hop/Acro 1      Modern/Lyrical

5:20-6:00                          Ballet/Jazz 2              Hip Hop/Acro 2      Tutu Cute.        

6:05-6:50                          Ballet/Jazz 3/4           Hip Hop/Acro 3      Modern/Lyrical

Tutu Cute-Ages 3 to 5

Level 1- K-3

Level 2 3-6

Level 3 6-8

Level 4 High School



Ballet is the foundation for western traditional dance. Students will be taught placement through proper technique while 

enjoying creative movement.



Jazz dance engages the dancer with rhythm and beats.  Using kid appropriate music, dancers will master complicated rhythms using classic jazz dance movements, all while having FUN!!



Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and Jazz. Choreography is  expressive and filled with emotions.




Modern/Contemporary dance using abstract forms to to create interesting movement. Historically modern uses instrumental music.

Hip Hop

Known for its fun funky movements and exciting music. APAC offers child appropriate hip hop classes choreographed to age appropriate music.


.Tutu Cute Classes 

Combo Classes are designed for our younger dancers . Students will learn the foundations of ballet and jazz techniques in a creative format.

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